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Our goal is not to influence how you vote, but to provide you with information that will encourage you to vote!

We believe when more voters participate, the better our local governments can represent the wishes of their entire constituency.

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Lubbock City Council Districts

May 5 City of Lubbock Election Ballot



District 1
Juan Chadis (Incumbent)
Pat Kelly

District 3
Jeff Griffith (Unopposed)

District 5
Randy Christian (Unopposed)


Dan Pope (Incumbent)
John Cothran
Stephen Sanders

Proposition A

Shall the City of Lubbock take all actions necessary to permanently abandon the buildings known as the Lubbock Municipal Auditorium/Coliseum.

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Lubbock ISD Trustee Districts

May 5 Lubbock ISD Election Ballot


At-Large (Final two years of an unexpired term)

Zach Brady (Unopposed)

At-Large (4 years)

Beth Bridges
Art Martin
Amanda Banks

District 4

Ryan Curry (Unopposed)

District 3

Wesley Robinson
Benjamin Webb

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Is it time to retire the Lubbock Municipal Auditorium/Coliseum?


The City Council has put this question before Lubbock voters on the May 5 Ballot.